The new state of the art outboard engine lift.



It boasts a new innovative design for operator convenience and ease of use which is parallel to none. No more bending over the transom to lift the leg and propeller out of harm’s way.

It is now done by way of an actuator switch on the engine, on the vessels console, by remote control with fobs, or by all three methods. Full turning functions available and will accommodate steering tiller on most models.


Maintenance Free

No maintenance required on these units as they are treated by way of sandblasting the raw components, anodizing for a deep penetrating protection and then finished off with brilliant powder coating to give complete protection from water corrosion concerns and to maintain a clean sleek stylish look that no other lift mechanism can boast.

With the stainless steel hardware and external high gloss finish, they are easy to keep clean to maintain the beauty of your vessel.


Cost Effective

The way the High Rize Kicker Lift is designed and mounted, it takes up to a minimum of two feet less in length hanging out the stern of the vessel (depending on kicker size) therefore less docking space needed and in some cases less in moorage fees as well.

Highrize in action

Head over to the gallery for more pictures and video of our state of the art kicker lift solution.

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In Water Demonstration

> See the highrize kicker lift's movement in the water.

Raised Position

Highrize Kicker Lift vertically raises your motor out of the water.

Lowered Position

When needed, your motor is lowered into the water vertically.

Upcoming Events

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BC Boat Show at Sidney Marina

Check out our lift on the back of Milltown Yachts!

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